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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Project Life Cycle

1. Initiating- Feasibility-or not
- Project initiation/ kick-off Document
(Project Charter)
~ role & responsibility
~ Project scope (triple Constrain)
~ Project Structure

2. Planning - Start Plan
~ WBS - World Breakdown Structure
- detail on something/fraction of work

~ Gantt Chart - activity come from WBS
- a horizontal bar chart that shows intervention activities and tasks
in sequential order where bars represent the time estimates

~ Scedules
~ Task List
~ Resourse Leveling Chart

3. Executing/Controling

4. Closing


  1. cantik graph project life cycle 2..

  2. bagus.....

    just project life cycle punya diagram tu kena dibetulkan sikit..nanti tanya saya dalam kelas...


hye sume...
blog nie da terhasil hasil dr titik peluk sy yg xbpe tau psl xpe la, even simple asal kn motif dan tjuan blog nie tetap sampai..moga kwn2 dpt bkongsi ilmu dan pengetahuan bsame2 dgn sy ye....thanx sume..:)