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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pengalaman Pertama

Disampaikan oleh : Megat Zainurul Anuar bin Megat Johari

~pengalaman pertama blaja project management ni agak menarik...even xde basic pown, tp cambest gak subject nie...
~mule2 kami di beri penerangan ttg ape itu management...

~management = how to planning, lead, organize and control something
~it contain:
i) Human
ii) Sources
iii) Project
~ the management also known as the application of knowledge, tool, technique to project activities.

~in project management, there have difference people involve.
i) Stakeholder - a person who have interest, influence to the project
ii) Project Manager
iii)Project Owner
v) Project Team

~9 knowledge area

~Triple Constrain

Friday, July 16, 2010

Sepang International Circuit

WCT Engineering Berhad

Client : Malaysia Airports Berhad
F1 Design Consultant : Tilke GMBH ( Germany) Time : 14 Month ( September 1997 - December 1999) Cost : RM 308,450,000.00
Scope :
i) Tarack : 5.6 km
ii) Grand stand : Main Grandstand : 32,000 Seats
Natural Grandstand : 80,000 - 10,000 Seats
iii) Concrete Paddock : 91,000 m2
iv) Car Park : 30,000 Capacity
v) 30 pit garages
vi) 15 team rooms

  1. Main Grand Stand
  2. Pit Building
  3. Paddock Building
  4. VIP (Canopy) Tower
  5. Pedestrian Mall
~~ The aspiration of making Malaysia as the hub for motor racing activities in the region and a catalyst to spark a new beginning of Malaysia’s motorsports. ~~ The track is electronically linked through a network of fibre optic cabling system along the track to 27 closed circuit TV cameras, which is centrally monitored at the Race Control Room. Every incident along the 5.543km circuit is recorded by the cameras and will be closely watched by the clerk of the course during events.


The official website :
Perbadanan Putrajaya by Putrajaya Corporation

cost : about US$ 8.1 billion
time : start establish on August 1995 and made into Federal Territory on 1 February 2001.

~~ Planned as the garden and intelligent city, 38% of the area is reserved for green areas by
emphasizing the enhancement of natural landscape.
~~ The vision to have a new Federal Government Administrative Centre to replace Kuala
Lumpur as the administrative capital emerged in the late 1980s, during the tenure of
Malaysia's 4th Prime Minister, Dr. Mahathr Bin Mohamad.

Electric Train System

Department of Railways
cost : RM 240 million
time: about 6 month to construct the railways of electric and buy the trains
~~Modern electric train units, which are supplied by CMK Consortium in collaboration with
Hyundai Rotem of South Korea and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Melco) from Japan.
~~Each unit train, which is equipped with closed circuit to monitor the safety of each passenger
car, coach buffet, LCD screen, electrical outlet and toilet facilities, consisting of six car train
can accommodate 350 passengers in one trip.

Operation Manager: Azizullah Kinayutullah

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

hye sume...

welcome to my blog...
even blog nie simple je, tp ia ttp bleh mhubungkn antara kite arap blog nie dpt mjadi medium tuk kte btukar2 pndapat dan idea tuk tmbah kn lagi ilmu dlm project management nie.....
gud luck sume..:)